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SHISEODO | Limited Sunscreen Kit


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Set of Innovative Daytime Beauty Emulsion for Continuous Firmness and Moisture For those who want to care for their skin while protecting it from the sun, this innovative daytime beauty emulsion is equipped with technology that blocks harmful UV rays while converting the sun's light into beauty-enhancing rays. This emulsion also contains moisturizing ingredients for double care that provides continuous firmness and moisture. Its light pink shade allows for a tone-up finish that can also be used as a makeup base. This set comes with a generous amount of limited edition UV milk for you to try.

Set Contents

  • Day Serum <Daytime Beauty Emulsion/Makeup Base> 30mL A smooth beauty emulsion for the face
  • Perfect UV Skin Care Milk N <Sunscreen Emulsion> 12mL A silky milk for the face and body


Usage Directions

【Day Serum】

● As it is a two-layer type, shake the bottle until you hear the sound, then shake it about 5 more times before using.

● After preparing your skin with your morning skincare routine, take an appropriate amount on your palm and apply it to your entire face.

When removing it, please use makeup remover.

【Perfect UV Skin Care Milk N】For Face and Body

● As it is a two-layer type, shake it well before use.

● For your face and neck, take an appropriate amount at the end of your morning skincare routine, and carefully blend it evenly. For your body, apply the product directly onto your skin in a line and blend it evenly with your palm.

When removing it, please lather up your usual cleansing product on a body towel, etc., and wash it off carefully.

  • If you use too little, you may not get enough UV protection.
  • If you sweat or wipe with a towel, please reapply as necessary.

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